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The world is changing quickly

We have collected the best practices of the best educators to take students into the future. 


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We are empowering students through entrepreneurship to create the future starting today. 

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Community Advocate

Financial Sponsor

Help us raise awareness for what we are doing to transform education. School systems can be challenging to change, but with help from local residents, we can make progress faster to empower your children with the entrepreneurial mindset.  

Educators and schools have limited financial resources. Your financial assistance can make this curriculum and training possible for all the schools in your area regardless of their financial situation. Our hope is to make our curriculum and training available to every school to support our mission of changing education through the entrepreneurial mindset.



Impact Partner

Sponsor a day of consulting  for one of our experts in entrepreneurial education to come work with a teacher at their school.

Note: Travel expenses including travel days may be required for schools outside of the greater Atlanta area 


Transformation Partner

Sponsor an educator to attend our annual weeklong Entrepreneurial Mindset Training & receive a sponsorship plaque of appreciation and become a featured partner on our Transformational Partnership page. 

Note: Sponsorship fee includes training and five nights at the host hotel


Strategic Partner

Sponsor the purchase of our transformational EntrepreNOWship curriculum for a school of your choice and become a featured partner on our Strategic Partnership page.

$10,000 +

Legacy Partner

Serve as a signature sponsor of our annual Entrepreneurial Mindset Training, receive a complimentary ticket to attend, and become a featured partner on our Legacy Partnership page.

Or, donate a custom amount

We would be happy to set up a conversation in person or over the phone. 


Join our team of community partners in creating a legacy of transforming education.